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Jennifer Harrington, VT

Jennifer Harrington, VT

  • Vision Therapy

Jennifer Harrington,  a dedicated Vision Therapist with over 13 years of experience, embarked on her journey into vision therapy after earning a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and psychology from William Paterson University in 2012. Starting with Dr. Leonard Press in New Jersey and later joining the teams of Dr. Gregory Borukhov at Ahava Medical and Dr. Jeffrey Cooper in Manhattan, Jennifer has consistently demonstrated a passion for fostering creativity in teaching children. Specializing in visual acuity, eye tracking, and visual attention, she believes in the transformative power of vision therapy to help children and adults use their eyes more efficiently, ultimately improving their lives and educational experiences. Her commitment extends beyond traditional therapy sessions, reflecting a dedication to innovative, personalized care.

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  • Clinical Focus

    Visual Acuity, Eye Tracking & Visual Attention

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